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As we enjoy the outdoors we inevitably cause some damage. Let's try to keep that impact to a minimum. We're not party-poopers and we're not wagging fingers, but erosion and environmental degradation are not someone else's problems, they are ours. We can be part of the solution by thinking hard about where, when and how we do our thing. Let's enjoy and celebrate the outdoors but also consider the future, not merely exploit natural beauty and wild places.

If you sympathise with the above read on. If you don't, read on anyway and tell us what you think. We want debate, argument and opinion on a fundamental issue.

About this site

Welcome to Treadsoftly. We hope you poke about a bit and read what we have to say. This is early days for us. Over time we intend to develop the site as a resource, a reference point, for people who share our enthusiasm for the outdoors - and our concerns.

The Ideas and Practice sections are really intertwined. Ideas looks mainly at arguments and debate, while Practice is more nitty-gritty stuff.The other sections on the bar above are self-explanatory.

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