Green I love you green. Green wind. Green branches.

- Frederico Garcia Lorca, Romance sonambulo




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I found your site via Paul Traynor's column in AT magazine and have to say that I agree with your basic analysis. It has become something of a cliche to say travellers and outdoor activists are inevitably hurting the things they love. What I found refreshing about Treadsoftly is that you are taking the positive step of calling for action - not just throwing your hands up in the air in despair. For that alone I can only applaud you and wish you good fortune.

Best wishes

C Kelly

Only just found your site, but having read the first two pages I must say that I am impressed by your notion of people taking responsibility for their actions. I feel that this a notion which is rapidly becoming lost in today's world. Hope to be in touch soon with further comments!


Congratulations on the site. It looks good, loads quickly and the content is great.

Do you know the Leave No Trace movement in the USA? They've had a major impact. Their web site is

I'll probably think of other comments but one immediate one regards the statement that snow is rarely deep enough in the UK to be a problem when crapping (or words to that effect).

That's often not true in the Highlands, especially the Cairngorms. There's many feet of the stuff (snow not crap) up there at the moment.

There have been problems with popular snowhole areas come the melt when shit and soiled paper appears.

I think when snow is deep bagging shit and carrying it out is the only answer. One way to do this is to use two plastic bags (strong ones!). Pull one over your hand, pick up the shit, invert the bag, close it and then put it in the other bag.

Keep it outside your tent or snowhole and it won't smell in winter temperatures.

The Mountaineering Council of Scotland do a useful leaflet on this subject called "Where To 'Go' In The Great Outdoors". They have a web site at

Chris Townsend

Thank you for caring enough to make your site. Looks good so far but more importantly the content comes from the heart.

Good luck

Andy Jackson

Dear Treadsoftly
The site is fantastic and a brilliant idea.


S Wiltshire

There is nothing more depressing than walking to a beautiful spot to find 14 crisp packets, two Coke cans, a tangle of discarded fishing line and a rusting drum of sheep dip. I wish you luck with your campaign.

As for Cumbria - it's a lot bigger than just the Lake District. Head for Alston - only not all at the same time, or it would defeat the object!

Mandy L

Just a quick note to say that as a frequent visitor to N Wales, as well as many more remote places, I wholeheartedly support your objective. Anyone who has borne the horror that is the summit of Snowdon should be.

Do you have any plans or ideas as to what can be done?

Sam Moore

Treadsoftly note: We're working on it. See Ideas and watch this space.

Hello I like your service. It is about time the UK outdoor industry had some sort of focus.

Best regards
Sarah Howcroft
The European Commercial Waste Exchange

Looked at your site - great. Keep up the good work. I've given you a link on my website, hope you get traffic so that the word can be spread.

Why not visit our UK outdoor website?:

Take care,
Bob Hall